Where Do I Begin?


ixqux21e1There are several steps involved in finding a nursing school. While attending a nursing program or advancing your professional career is both exciting and rewarding, the process can be difficult and stressful. There are many nursing degree options, varying attendance methods, different tuition costs, and several prerequisites to consider. AllNursePrograms.com offers a resource center on all nursing degrees, programs, and types of schools. Use this directory to research options and make decisions. Here are the steps to finding a school that is right for you:

Step 1: Determine what degree you wish to obtain.

Before you start searching for a nursing school, take some time to decide on which type of degree you want. Do you want to eventually become an advanced practice nurse or do you want to start with an entry level degree and see if the profession suits you. Things to consider regarding degree level include: living arrangements, years of attendance required, job opportunities and career advancement, and educational requirements.

Step 2: Decide on what you want from the school.

If you do not like attending a campus setting, consider online nursing schools. If you want to attend a major university, consider instructor accessibility, location and size of the campus, and social activities. Inquire about research materials and books needed for learning, as well as scholarship opportunities.

Step 3: Research and learn about several schools.

It is difficult to learn about a school just by visiting the website or reviewing a brochure. Consider going to the school in person, to get a feel of the campus and culture. Ask attending students about the school, inquiring about both instructors and classes. Make appointments with school officials and administrators to obtain details about the nursing school curriculum and program design. Ask about student loan programs, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid. Avoid picking the school based solely on rankings. Rather, pick one that suits your individual needs.

Step 4: Consider costs, including tuition, prospective salaries, and other expenses.


There are many financial considerations when choosing a nursing school. For instance, if you select a program and plan on commuting, is the drive reasonable? If you will live on campus or near campus, what are the housing facilities like? Also, nursing school is expensive, with books, fees, and supplies to consider in addition to tuition costs. Inquire about grants, scholarships, disbursement favor loans, student loans, and other types of financial aid.

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