Top Nursing Schools


The educational requirements of a nurse must always be met before the career begins, but where should this be obtained? In the U.S., there are many nursing programs listed by success rate and difficulty. Therefore, choosing which school to attend can be frustrating. There is no substitute for researched facts, and the currently top rated nursing schools in America could be right for you. Or maybe you prefer a smaller, local college.

Columbia University School of Nursing

The first nursing school to be officially recognized as a World Health Organization Collaborating Center for International Nursing Development in Advanced Practice is the Columbia University School of Nursing. Having an exclusive title and being a medical center notorious for excellence, this school holds a well-earned spot on the list of renowned nursing schools.

Duke University School of Nursing

Another prestigious school that earns recognition is Duke University School of Nursing due to their nearly unparalleled detail shown in the preparation of students for their career as a practitioner, researcher, or leader. If you’re interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree while already working in the field, the post-licensure degree offered by UCLA could be the right decision.

University of Colorado School of Nursing

The ability to excel in the profession is obviously important, so why not attend University of Colorado School of Nursing with their impressive track record of top notch nursing education. This school allows their students to be fully equipped the knowledge required to exceed, and graduates enjoy many employment opportunities.

University of Texas at Austin Ph. D Program

With around 141 staff members, the University of Texas at Austin offers varied nursing programs such as the Alternate Entry Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy. If you desire a graduate degree in nursing, or wish to advance your education, this may be the one for you. Holding a doctoral degree allows you more career opportunities and employment advancement.

The University of Iowa School of Nursing

The University of Iowa proves to be more than a worthy school by ranking #1 in nursing service administration and geriatric nursing graduate programs. This school claims the title of “forerunner” in reference to their discoveries and applications of nursing knowledge.

George Washington University School of Nursing

George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, D.C. provides a variety of degree options, including ADN to BSN/MSN, MSN, and DNP. The school also offers an accelerated BSN degree that can be completed in 15 months, as well as post-BSN and post-MSN certificates. All programs with the exception of the accelerated BSN are optionally taken online if this better fits the student’s lifestyle.

Case Western Reserve University Doctoral Program

If you possess the ambition required to attend school while working full time, Case Western Reserve University offers a dual doctorate PhD/DNP program. Nurse researchers, administrators, educators, and academic writers find that this dual degree can open up a world of employment opportunities.

Belmont University School of Nursing

Belmont University also offers the RN to BSN degree to be completed online while the nurses maintain a work schedule, becoming immune to the tradition that BSN programs require full-time, on campus presence.

Luckily, there is no shortage of nursing schools worthy of your attendance, but choice of the nursing school is an individual process. It is recommended that a candidate of interest research the desired information on each school to make the reasonable choice.

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