teasATI Nursing Education is a company in Kansas that offers the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). Some colleges, universities, online programs, and nursing schools require this test as part of the admissions process to ADN and BSN degree programs.

The TEAS test was designed to predict which students would likely succeed in a formal nursing program. Nursing schools admit candidates based on academic abilities, as a certain level of competence is required for this profession. The TEAS test measures your basic math skills, reading comprehension, science knowledge, and English and language skills.

TEAS Testing Category
Reading48 test questions
58 minutes allotted
Informational Source Comprehension
Paragraph and Passage Comprehension
English and Language Usage
34 test questions
34 minutes allotted
Spelling and Punctuation
Grammar and Word Meanings
Sentence Structure
Mathematics34 test questions
51 minutes allotted
Numbers and Operations
Data Interpretation
Algebraic Applications
Science54 test questions
66 minutes allotted
Earth and Physical Science
Life Science
Human Body Science
Scientific Reasoning

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