RN to BSN Program

nurseIf you are currently working as a registered nurse and want to improve your education, then you may want to consider the benefits of the accelerated RN degree nursing program. Nursing schools offer accelerated nursing program for Associate Degree in Nursing (ADNs) professionals who want to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. This program is often called the “RN to BSN” or the “ADN to BSN.”

Educational Requirements for an ADN to BSN Program

As a holder of an ADN, you are a candidate for an accelerated RN nursing program. Accelerated nursing program is designed for those who want to receive a BSN degree. When you graduate from the accelerated nursing program, you will be qualified for many different positions within the nursing field, including management and specialty work.

The RN to BSN degree is perfect for adult students because the classes are flexible and designed to help you progress through them quickly. There is an online option for those who like to learn on their own and prefer to bypass the campus environment. Most schools require good undergraduate grades, letters of recommendation, a personal statement essay, and a solid TEAS score.

RN to BSN Program Courses

The learning you gain from both the classroom environment and online setting is based on real world experiences. There is also some textbook theory integrated into the RN to BSN program. Throughout this accelerated nursing program, you will learn valuable knowledge and skills that will help you advance in your career. Typical nursing courses include nursing research, management, critical thinking, pharmacology, pediatrics, progressive care, and geriatrics.

Job Duties of Registered Nurses

While you will still be an RN, earning the BSN degree will allow you to work in some specialties that require the advanced training. Also, BSN nursing professionals often take on management duties to include budgeting, ordering supplies, staffing, scheduling, interviewing new employees, training staff, overseeing quality control, and case management.

BSN Registered Nurse Career Opportunities and Salaries

Once you complete your accelerated BSN nursing program, you should see an increase in income. Most healthcare facilities recognize this degree and honor you with a better annual salary. According to most web sources, the salary range for this position is from $57,000 to $78,000 per year. Annually pay varies based on years of experience, area of specialty, place of employment, and location of practice.

BSN graduates have many employment opportunities. These include: large healthcare facilities, such as hospitals or long-term care centers; community-based organizations, such as home healthcare agencies, schools, or health departments; educational institutes, such as vocational schools, universities, and community colleges; and private facilities, such as physician offices, surgical centers, and rehabilitation clinics.


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