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Effective June 14, 2013 is a website owned by All Programs Advertising, LLC. The following information is relevant to the All Nurse Programs website, as well as all other websites owned by All Programs Advertising.

Information Collection and Use

We obtain personal contact information only if you enter it in the “Contact Information” section. This includes: name, email address, telephone number, and your school and degree program choices. The contact information can be passed on the schools you selected or a contractor hired by the college or university. Additionally, we give this contact information to the All Programs Advertising email staff member who uses it for purposes explained under this privacy policy. We also give this contact information to business partners who provide a service or product that could benefit you.

The purpose of collecting this contact information is to develop reports on educational trends, business industry needs, and advertising efficiency. All Programs Advertising takes necessary steps to protect against unauthorized disclosures of the contact information, and we do disclose this data only in a manner consistent with this privacy policy. Once a university or college obtains this contact information, it is regulated under the third party’s privacy policy.

Use of Cookies

All Programs Advertising uses cookies to improve your experience with our website. Cookies are small files on your computer’s browser that store your selections. These files do not tell us your email address or other personal data unless you disclose that information on your own. Our company tracks website usage by using the visitor information and to allow you to key in data when requesting program information.

Third Party Websites and Servers

As you navigate through our website, All Programs Advertising collects information about the utilization and efficiency of the site. Information collected includes the number of times a site was accessed, which web pages were viewed, and what keywords were used. Third party marketing companies often use cookies and web beacons to assess advertising efficacy. This collected data obtained by these web beacons and cookies is anonymous and kept confidential.

Program and School Communication

Universities, colleges, schools, and programs use different methods for communicating with students regarding request of information. You may receive an email, a mailed brochure or program packet, or someone could contact you by phone call. When you request information from a school or program, you permit them or their contractor to contact by the chosen method. The purpose of this is to fulfill a request and provide program information.

Contact Us

All Programs Advertising is a promotion company with nine school/degree/program websites that offer student information. Feel free to contact us at 1 (423) 869 – 0560 or by email at

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