Primary Care Nursing


Primary nursing refers to comprehensive, individualized care provided by the same nurse throughout the period of care. It originated 45 years ago when staff nurses at the University of Minnesota revised a new patient evaluation strategy involving greater emphasis of responsibility among nurses. This innovative system of nursing consists of one registered nurse (RN) in cooperation with either a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a nursing assistant.

Primary Care Nursing Job Duties and Opportunities

The primary nurse personally administers certain aspects of treatment, but has a key role in the coordination of all measures taken during the patient’s care. There are several advantages of primary nursing, a few of which exist due to the patient being in the primary nurse’s presence and care from beginning to end. The moment the patient transitions from the waiting room into their own, the nurse arrives and remains connected during the entirety of the visit.

The nursing unit of the hospital carries all reprehensibility during the remainder of the patient’s time spent under care, and must individually attend to their needs throughout the recovery process. Various institutions are finding this method of nursing overly expensive, and the inefficiency of cost outweighs the benefits provided through this type of patient relationship. The collaborative delivery allows a patient’s experienced to feel comfortable and therapeutic.

In many cases, the catalyst of successful treatment is letting the patient know he/she is in good hands, and the implementation of any other system proves to be less effective in this specific. Regardless of cost, the patient’s happiness and well-being should always be the most important thought running through the minds of all employed service members of the hospital. If cost inefficiency is the only issue with this form of practice, it would be logical to use it anyway. One cannot put a price tag on the health and potential longevity of a family member or friend, and the people being treated are family members and friends of someone out there.

Benefits of Primary Care Nursing

The many positive sides to primary care nursing are not trumped by the singular down side involving the amount of money required to implement the system. The addition of a personalized relationship between the patient and the nurse has been scientifically proven to make a difference for the good in all categories of business. Research shows the ability to recognize a human life with a value identical to one’s own life can be rewarding for both parties. Whether it be selling cars or preparing food at a restaurant, putting heart into an occupation can sometimes make all the important differences. This individualized method of nursing utilizes the main psychological concepts supporting a speedy recovery with the addition of loving care.

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