Online Nursing Schools


wonn-in-computerOur online directory lists many nationally accredited online nursing degree programs. Many people who want to advance their nursing education also work full time, and they can easily attend a distance learning school. Online nursing degree programs include:

Online LPN to RN Programs
Online RN-to-BSN Programs
Online Master Programs
Online BSN Programs
Online Doctoral Programs

There are no entry level nursing programs that are entirely online. Nursing is a hands-on science, requiring students to participate in the education and clinical experience. Just as with brick-and-mortar institutions, choose an online nursing school that meets your individual needs and requirements.

There are several differences in nursing programs, including admissions requirements, course characteristics, and cost of tuition. Most online nursing programs require you to come to campus a few times each semester or year. Generally, the clinical portion of the program will take place at a facility in your home community. Many employed RNs or LPNs participating in online nursing programs do their clinical hours at the place where they work. This requires you to find someone to serve as a preceptor.

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