Health Information Technology


Health Information Technology Program

lawanHealth information technology is a rewarding career that involves work with patient information, health statistics, computer systems, and clinical data. Many students in the industry earn an Associate’s degree and then advance their education as they work.

Education Requirements for Health Information Technology

There are different education requirements and the prerequisites vary, depending on what type of health information degree you earn. A high school diploma is required for entrance into most of the college courses. Most schools that offer the Associate Degree in Healthcare Information Technology require that you maintain a 2.0 or better GPA, be free of communicable diseases, and pass a mental and physical examination.

Students who have earned their Associate’s degree are eligible to become certified. The credentialing test is called the registered health information technician examination. Students can carry on their education and also earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics or a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. To apply for a Bachelor’s degree program, you must first complete the Associate’s degree path, submit letters of recommendation, score well on the ACT or SAT test, and hold a good undergraduate GPA.

Health Information Technology Program Courses

With both the two and four year degree programs, the student will take many different courses. These courses will help prepare the student to work in the field. Some of the coursework includes:

  • Systems of coding and classification
  • Pharmacology
  • Health care statistics and data
  • Medical billing processes
  • Human anatomy
  • Medical terminology

Health Information Technician Career Opportunities and Salaries

There is a rising and promising outlook for this career field. There has become a demand for people with this type of experience and the employment rate continues to rise, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010). The salary for this career ranges between $24,000 and $42,000 annually, according to many web sources. Pay varies due to level of education, years of experience, and state and city of employment.
There are a number of different agencies looking for professional in this career. These include research institutes, hospitals, law firms, government agencies, private physician practices, home healthcare agencies, long-term care facilities, nursing schools, and insurance companies.

Job Duties of a Health Information Technician

Depending on your education and also experience, you can work your way all the way up the ladder and hold a high ranking position within the career area. Some different job duties within the career field include:

  • Medical claims analysis
  • Data quality management
  • Process health information
  • Document diagnostic imaging
  • Assist with clinical research trials
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