Doctoral Online Nursing Programs


The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) expects all advanced practice nurses to hold a doctoral degree by the year 2015. Earning your Doctorate degree online has never been easier. There are numerous online doctoral nursing programs that allow you to assume better practice positions, obtain leadership roles in healthcare organizations, and contribute to improved patient care.

About Doctoral Online Nursing Programs

Earning a Doctoral nursing degree is a long-term commitment that involves ongoing studies, original research, excellent writing ability, and analytical skills. Graduate students who pursue these degrees must have a clear sense of direction for the future of their careers. Also, they need to have a passion for the profession, as well as an interest in a professional or clinical issue that they want to improve upon or contribute to in the future.

Educational Requirements for an Online Doctoral Degree

Most Doctoral nursing programs require a minimum of 1,000 post-BSN practicum hours with at least 500 at the Doctoral level. Students who wish to attend will need to hold a MSN degree or Master’s in a related field. Some online Doctoral programs allow nurses to enter with just a BSN. Also, letters of recommendation, a good GRE score, and a solid GPA are all considered.

Doctoral Online Nursing Program Courses

Doctorate courses include core classes and practicum experience. Your courses depend on your area of practice, such as Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Doctor of Nursing Anesthesia Practice (DNAP), Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph. D), or Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS). Courses like healthcare policy and research prepare you to translate data to direct evidence-based nursing practice. You also develop skills to work in quality improvement. Additionally, most online Doctoral nursing programs require that students gain knowledge in healthcare information technology.

List of Online Doctoral Nursing Programs
There are a variety of universities that offer online Doctoral nursing education. You can view a complete list from the AACN at:

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